GL-Logo-(Left)Golf Life is the most widely distributed independent golf television series in the US as we enter our 16th season in 2015.  The series reaches half a million viewers each month with fresh new episodes focusing on the golf lifestyle and features important to golfers.

The program is distributed to 90 million households through FSN, Comcast Sports Net and Root Sports.  These are key sports networks in every US market where the  majority of MLB, NBA and NHL games are shown.  So we have great sports viewers who love the game of golf.  Our primary audience is 35 – 65 mostly male, although we do  have a female and younger audience as well.

 Golf Life is a significant media value because the program runs in such strong airtime’s with so many repeat airings each month.  Each episode will average up to 8 airings  with key airtime’s on Sunday mornings and weekday early prime.  Each show airs over 200 times per month.

The content of Golf Life is compelling and entertaining for each golfer.  We hit the golf lifestyle firmly with new features that we have learned golfers want.  First we have strong and very creative HD golf tips, featuring graphics and animation shot in a multi-camera format to maximize the viewing and learning experience.  You will gain something for your golf game from each episode of Golf Life.

We know the video people want because Golf Life has also been distributed online for  many years and had over 3 million online views last year alone.  Golf Instruction is key, but golfers also want to know about all the new products for leading golf companies and new gear for their game.  So we take you inside golf firms and how companies make and design the latest products.

Also important to the golfers lifestyle are the personalities of the game, learning about their lives and how they approach the game.  This is why Golf Life takes you inside the PGA Tour and profiles top golfers in the game.  We also feature other personalities as well and tell stories that entertain our large golf audience.

A solid Golf Lifestyle magazine series would not be complete without great tours of top golf courses and resorts.  The places we live and visit, retire and aspire to play.  This is what makes the golf lifestyle so compelling, learning the game, playing the latest gear on new courses with exciting challenges.  Our golf travel features come for our beginnings as a golf travel program and we always take a unique approach to presenting a great property.

Please become a fan of Golf Life by following us at,, or  Get involved in our series by following it on your large screen TV – just visit our schedule page for the latest airings in your area.  Find us on Netflix through Blip.TV and Hulu Plus. Please follow our daily videos and stories at